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About The Secret Club

After my husband and I tried for a child for two years, we finally got pregnant in 2018. We felt as though this child was an answer to our years of praying. Our baby's life came to an end just after 6 weeks into our pregnancy. We felt our hearts getting ripped from our chests. Why would God give us such a beautiful gift and then take it away? What was the purpose? 

My eyes were opened to the loneliness and weight that the loss of a child has on a woman, a family and a marriage. So I began to write. This book is an encouragement, a hope, a community for women who are lost in infertility, struggling through a miscarriage or want to support a friend or family member. This book is full of Bible scriptures and stories of women that will grip your heart and show the real and raw emotion that women go through. This book is a lifeline to remind women that they are not alone and there is purpose in the waiting and in the hurt.  

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Brianna Lindenmeyer


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