The Secret Club

Brianna Lindenmeyer

The Secret Club shows the reality of infertility, the pains, emotions, and challenges that are true for so many women yet kept silent. Read stories of women from all walks of life that share in the heartaches of infertility and miscarriages. Find the answers to the difficult questions that have left you hopeless. Be encouraged! You are not alone!

Welcome to The Secret Club!

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Help Support Women

50% of book profits support couples struggling through miscarriages or battling infertility

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Whether couples are seeking medical assistance or adoption, the expenses are large. Adoptions range rom $11,000-$40,000 and one embryo transfer can cost $3,000. We support couples who seek after God's plan for their family and assist them with financial needs.

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Couples plan for a birth, a celebration, a time of joy but when a pregnancy is lost, there are unexpected fees, doctor visits, surgery and a heart full of grief. The average expenses of a miscarriage range from $2000 - $7500. We support couples so they can grieve without the stress of money.


Pregnancy Centers

There are several pregnancy centers around the Kansas City area that support women through pregnancy and the resources that they need. We support these clinics like Liberty Women's Clinic.